Airport Fence

Airport Fence

Airport fence is made with low carbon steel wire welded panel, post, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories.Kinds of the panels:welded mesh panels,chain link fence panels, euro fence panels,etc

Features: Corrosion resistance, nice appearance, easy maintenance, anti-intruding.anti-climbing projects

Welded Point Tensile Strength: 3,000—5,000 N,Wire Tensile Strength: 500—550 Mpa

Airport Fence-01

Airport Fence-02

Airport Fence-03

Airport Fence-04

Specifications of the fence panels:

Wire Diameter 2.5mm-12mm
Distance between two vertical wires not lower than 50mm
Distance between two horizontal wires 12.7mm to 200mm
Height/Width per piece Max 3m
Length as required
The numbers of fold as required
PE coating thickness 0.8-1.2mm
PVC coating thickness 0.1mm
Hot dipped galvanized Zinc coating 20-300g/m2
Post Square post ,Quick post,Round post

Specifications of the razor wire:

Outside Diameter No. of Loops Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
450mm 33 8M CBT-65 Single coil
500mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
700mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
960mm 53 13M CBT-65 Single coil
500mm 102 16M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
600mm 86 14M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
700mm 72 12M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
800mm 64 10M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
960mm 52 9M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type